Thomas D'Arcy McGee Summer School

Date Registration Required Time Where
Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st August 2019  Yes - Book Now 10am - 3pm Carlingford Heritage Centre, Old Holy Trinity, Carlingford, Louth 

The theme of this year’s Thomas D’Arcy McGee Summer School in Carlingford on 20th and 21st August 2019 reflects the instability evident in the lives of our politicians, businessmen, academics and the wider communities – north and south, east and west.

In September 1919, a British Parliamentary Committee Report first recommended a two-parliament solution to the Irish question. The Unionist Leader James Craig proposed a six-county solution in order ‘to ensure a built-in unionist majority into perpetuity’. Today Brexit has again placed the border at the heart of political debate but within a very different demographic and economic scenario; one within which the border is unlikely to be redrawn. With reference to the Canadian experience of conflict resolution, the Thomas D’Arcy McGee Summer School will examine the real and imagined political landscapes of both yesterday and today.

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